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Springbank Off-stream Reservoir (Elbow River Basin)

The proposal would help control Elbow River flow rates during a flood and help protect residents and property in Rocky View County and Calgary.

This option would temporarily store flood water and release it back to the Elbow River in a controlled manner when the flood subsides.

Estimated flood mitigation impact

The peak flow rate of the Elbow River entering Glenmore Reservoir was approximately 1,240 cubic metres per second during the June 2013 flood. City of Calgary officials indicate a flow rate of 180 cubic metres per second can be accommodated along the Elbow River downstream from the Glenmore Reservoir without taking flood precautions, like sandbagging.

Project status

  • The Alberta Government has retained Stantec Consulting for the design and engineering, and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • The design concept of the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir diverts extreme flood flow from the Elbow River into an off-stream storage reservoir. It would be temporarily contained there and released back into the Elbow River once the peak has passed.
  • The storage site will be kept dry until the storage is needed for flood mitigation.
  • The design is underway. Concurrently, the 'Room for the River' concept is being studied to review mitigation options and strategies that may be applicable to the Springbank area. Opportunities are being explored as part of this approach and may consist of berms and dikes, raised homes and access, and diversion channels to accommodate flood versus resist flood and to minimize disruption to those who may be affected.
  • Discussion with landowners is underway and will continue throughout the process.

Public Consultations

Public consultation is now underway for the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir project. Please join us to provide feedback and learn more about this important flood mitigation project.

Tuesday, January 27
4:30 — 8:00 p.m.
Ross Glen Hall
Roderick Mah Centre for
Continuous Learning
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW

Wednesday, January 28
4:30 — 8:00 p.m.
Cochrane RancheHouse
101 RancheHouse Road