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Springbank Road off-stream reservoir

The proposed reservoir would help control Elbow River flow rates during a flood and help protect residents and property in Rocky View County and Calgary.

The reservoir would temporarily store flood water and release it back to the Elbow River in a controlled manner when the flood subsides.

Estimated flood mitigation impact

The peak flow rate of the Elbow River entering Glenmore Reservoir was approximately 1,240 cubic metres per second during the June 2013 flood. City of Calgary officials indicate a flow rate of 180 cubic metres per second can be accommodated along the Elbow River downstream from the Glenmore Reservoir without taking flood precautions, like sandbagging.

The Springbank Road off-stream reservoir would have storage capacity of 59 million cubic metres. This would significantly reduce the flow to the Elbow River during flood conditions.

Project status

Preliminary design work, environmental review and community consultation are underway.

Quick facts

  • The project consists of a diversion weir on the Elbow River, a 4.5-kilometre long canal to carry water from the river to the off-stream reservoir, and improvements to natural channels to release water back to the river.
  • The reservoir is approximately 15 kilometres west of Calgary near Springbank Road, north of the Elbow River and east of Highway 22.
  • Storage capacity of 59 million cubic metres.
  • Springbank Road would need to be diverted around the basin or converted into a causeway.