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Request a Scroll or Greeting

The Premier of Alberta sends greetings to Albertans celebrating milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries and special events.

Eligible Celebrations

  100+ Queen  60+ Queen
  90+ Governor General  50+ Governor General, Lieutenant Governor
  80+ Lieutenant Governor  25+ Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MLA
  75+ Prime Minister, Premier   
  65+ MP, MLA   

Scrolls for birthdays and anniversaries can be ordered every 5 years.

Request a scroll or greeting by filling out this form 5 weeks before the event:

 Celebrant(s) First Name(s)
 Celebrant(s) Last Name(s)
 Postal Code
 Actual Birthday or
Anniversary Date
 Requested by
 Daytime Telephone number
 Date Required
 Personalize Message
personal information
to customize message
I would like to request a Provincial Scroll from:
 Premier of Alberta
 Lieutenant-Governor (your request will be forwarded to their office)

Message to be:
Mailed to Celebrant at Address Given Above
Mailed to Alternate Address Below:
 Mailing Address
 Postal Code
Please enter the text seen on the right (no spaces):

Special Events Messages

Across Alberta, various communities, groups, and organizations are celebrating significant anniversaries or hosting provincial and national conference, sports competitions, or cultural events. The Premier will recognize these special anniversaries and events by sending messages of congratulations and support.

Only hard-copy messages are available. One signed message will be mailed to you when you send in the following information:

  • contact person and daytime telephone number
  • name and date of event
  • host organization
  • host city
  • expected participants
  • photo requirements (black & white or colour)
  • any background information about your event and organization that will help in preparing the message. (You may include a brief suggested text.)
  • date required (please allow 5-6 weeks for preparation and delivery)
  • delivery instructions and mailing address

Request your Special Events Message:, Fax: (780)427-1349
or Mail to:
Office of the Premier
Room 307, Legislature Building
10800 - 97th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6