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Premier of Alberta

The Premier of Alberta is the leader of the provincial government, supported by his Cabinet and ministers.

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Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties address | March 18, 2015

AAMDC Spring Convention

"We are at a crossroads in this province — and municipalities will be key drivers on the road we ultimately travel together."

- Premier Jim Prentice

Government's 5 Priorities

The third session of the Legislature opened on November 17, 2014, with the Throne Speech delivered by the Lieutenant Governor. The speech outlined government's 5 priorities that will build a strong foundation for Alberta's present and future generations:

1. A focused commitment to sound, conservative fiscal principles.

2. Ending entitlements and restoring the public trust.

3. Maximizing the value of our natural resources and respecting property rights.

4. Establishing Alberta as an environmental leader.

5. Enhancing Albertans' quality of life.

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Salaries and contracts

"One of my first commitments as premier was that government would take concrete action to end entitlements and rebuild public trust. To be fully transparent, I have released salary and contract information for my senior political staff. Information about political and public service employees is updated every December and June."
- Premier Jim Prentice

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Premier's office expenses are reported monthly. Information about corporate events is reflected in the monthly reports.

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