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Third quarter results show a decline in energy revenue

Alberta is expected to avoid a deficit in 2014-15, but significant financial challenges are on the horizon due to declining energy prices and a $7 billion revenue gap.

  • Minister Campbell Fiscal Update

    Budget 2015 Survey

    Submit your ideas for how government can reduce spending and generate more revenue to address budget challenges.

  • Fire prevention contest

    Six student were selected from 10,000 entries to win this year's fire prevention contest. Way to go!

  • Wildfire Competition 2014

    Wildfire season begins

    Take extra care this spring, as dry conditions and strong winds can fuel fast-burning grassfires.

Your Alberta on YouTube

Finance Minister Campbell answers questions about the current financial challenges facing the province and the actions taken to prepare for Budget 2015.

Learn how Alberta's planning ahead for Budget 2015.


  • Feb 26, 2015

    Premier Prentice speaks to media after Canadian Club speech in Calgary

  • Feb 18, 2015

    Premier Prentice announces changes to Alberta's international offices

  • Feb 11, 2015

    Premier Prentice and Minister Campbell speak about agency funding


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