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Alberta government ministry pages list services provided, and information on projects, policies and mandates.

Executive Council

Aboriginal Relations

Promotes social and economic opportunities to enhance the quality of life of Aboriginal people.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Promotes prosperity through a strong, competitive, sustainable agriculture and food industry.


Promotes, develops and preserves Alberta's culture in support of vibrant and inclusive communities.


Supports the needs of students, parents, teachers and administrators from early childhood through Grade 12.


Assures sustained prosperity through the stewardship of energy and mineral resource systems.

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Protects air, land, water and biodiversity to achieve desired environmental outcomes and ensure sustainable resource development.


Sets policy and direction to lead, achieve and sustain a responsive, integrated and accountable health system.

Human Services

Creates the conditions for safe and supportive homes and communities.


Supports the provision of schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure that contributes to prosperity and quality of life.

Innovation and Advanced Education

Supports advanced education, economic development, and innovation and research.

International and Intergovernmental Relations

Enhances our national and international presence in areas such as export development, investment attraction and governmental relations.

Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

Ensures Alberta has the skilled workforce and safe, thriving workplaces to keep growing our economy.

Justice and Solicitor General

Helps to provide safe and secure communities for Albertans.

Municipal Affairs

Supports enduring, collaborative and accountable local governments and strong, safe and viable communities.

Service Alberta

Responsible for services including registries, land titles, consumer protection and the Alberta Queen's Printer.

Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Supports Alberta as a world-class tourism destination with active, healthy citizens who participate in sport and recreation and value their parks and natural heritage.


Provides a safe, innovative and sustainable world-class transportation system that supports Alberta's economy and quality of life.

Treasury Board and Finance

Responsible for economic analysis, budget planning and the management of government spending.