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McLean Creek Dry Dam (Elbow River Basin)

This proposed dry dam would help control river flow rates during a flood and help protect residents and property in Rocky View County, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows (Tsuu T'ina Nation), and Calgary.

Estimated flood mitigation impact

The peak flow rate of the Elbow River entering Glenmore Reservoir was approximately 1,240 cubic metres per second during the June 2013 floods. City of Calgary officials indicate a flow rate of 180 cubic metres per second can be accommodated along the Elbow River downstream from the Glenmore Reservoir without taking flood precautions, like sandbagging. The McLean Creek dry dam would have storage capacity of 49 million cubic metres. Elbow River flows would be significantly reduced during a flood with this and the Springbank Road reservoir downstream.

Project status

Government will conduct a 3-month environmental review of the prospects for building a dry dam on McLean Creek. This will be completed by the end of 2014.

Quick facts

  • The proposed dam is 50 metres high and would be built on the Elbow River near the McLean Creek confluence off Highway 66, southwest of Bragg Creek.
  • Storage capacity of 49 million cubic metres.
  • Would require relocation of a portion of Highway 66 and the highway's bridge over the Elbow River.