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Cabinet Mandate

Cabinet Mandate 2012: Former Premier Alison Redford gave the following letter to each Cabinet member, to set a common vision for the Government of Alberta.

June 4, 2012

Albertans have given this government a clear mandate — change how government works to better reflect their needs and the realities of the province in today's world. Delivering that change will require listening to Albertans, increasing transparency and accountability, and building strong collaborative relationships with all our partners. This letter outlines my expectations of you as Minister (completed in original) and a member of our Cabinet team in serving Albertans so they can reach their full potential.

The next four years will unquestionably require hard work. We will build on a solid foundation and ensure Alberta continues to be the finest place in the world to live, work and raise a family. We will deliver on the commitments we have made to Albertans and exceed their expectations.

All our actions will be rooted in fiscal responsibility and discipline. With a results-based budgeting approach, we will assess the essential services Albertans depend on to ensure they are delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible. Reviewing all government activities during the next three years will allow us to re-establish government budgets from the ground up and ensure money is allocated to areas of highest need. This marks a clean break from the incremental spending increases of the past decade.

Albertans expect the best services and best value for their tax dollars across government. As such, I expect you to take an active role in assessing your Ministry's programs and services and to work closely with your Cabinet colleagues in reviewing activities that span multiple ministries. Changing government's approach to budgeting will require leadership and each Minister to look beyond the mandate of his or her ministry.

Focusing on the efficiency and effectiveness of government services is not enough. Strategic decisions are needed to position Alberta for the future. There are a few critical areas where special attention, discipline and effort are required to drive meaningful change and results. The success of this government and Cabinet will be evaluated on the basis of our collective progress in delivering on the following priority initiatives:

  1. Early Childhood Development: sets the course for a child's future. It determines how well children will do in school, their physical and mental health, behaviour, relationships and general well-being.
    • Improve measures of child and infant health and development by age five — e.g. infant mortality, birth weight, prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, language skills and physical health.
  2. Primary Health Care: is the first point of contact for Albertans with services related to their health.
    • All Albertans should be attached to a primary health care team allowing them faster access to a defined set of services that meet their needs.
    • Establish 140 Family Care Clinics.
  3. Education and Entrepreneurship: are the cornerstones of a dynamic economy, which Albertans build through knowledge, adaptability and an entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Close the participation gap of underrepresented groups in post-secondary and increase high school graduation rates.
    • Increase business start-ups and the commercialization of technology.
  4. Rebalanced Fiscal Framework: reduces the reliance on volatile non-renewable resource revenue in funding essential programs and services for Albertans.
    • Restore the Sustainability Fund and, with Albertans' input, renew the Alberta Heritage Savings Fund.
    • Review all government programs and services through Results-based Budgeting.
  5. Integrated Resource System: sets and achieves the environmental, economic and social outcomes Albertans expect from resource development and maintains the social licence to develop resources.
    • Complete regional plans and the implementation of the Regulatory Enhancement Project, including the development of a single regulator for oil and gas.
    • Develop a world-class monitoring system to provide transparent, reliable information on achievement of outcomes.
  6. Expanded Market Access: contributes to the sustainability of the province's export driven economy.
    • Develop new access (e.g. through pipelines and rail) to markets outside the United States.

Our focus during the next four years will be to work together in each of these critical areas to make significant progress. To drive transparency and accountability, performance measures will be established for each priority in discussion with Albertans and stakeholders. By establishing these clear outcomes and by reporting progress, Albertans will be able to see how we are honouring our commitments.

We can achieve great things for our province if we work together with Albertans, delivery agencies and the private and nonprofit/voluntary sectors. I welcome you to Cabinet and look forward to working together with you to deliver the results that help Alberta and Albertans reach their full potential.

Yours truly,

(original signed)

Alison M. Redford, QC