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Justice and Attorney General Mandate

November 3, 2011

Dear Minister Olson:

This letter outlines how we will work as a government and the objectives I am trusting you to deliver on as Alberta's Minister of Justice and Attorney General and a member of our Cabinet team.

Together we have the honour and privilege to serve the people of Alberta. Democratic renewal and regaining Albertans' faith in the political system are at the core of our objectives as a government. That faith will come from the responsive, responsible, accountable and transparent way in which our team will operate. 

Innovative approaches will be needed to deliver results for Albertans. This has been started through a reorganization of government to better align with the priorities of Albertans and what we need to accomplish as a team. While innovation and fresh ways of thinking are vital, this does not alter Ministerial Responsibility. You are fully accountable for all matters under your purview.

We are one team with one agenda: to deliver a better Alberta. You are expected to work with your colleagues in the design and implementation of integrated solutions to the challenges at hand. Inclusiveness will define us as a team. Our partnerships must be broad and meaningful so Albertans know that each and every one of them is a valued member of the team.

Finally, transparency of intent and of action will be the standard.

As Minister of Justice and Attorney General, I expect you to work within the parameters outlined to deliver the following objectives:

  • Lead cross-ministry partners in implementing the Safe Communities program to deliver positive outcomes for Albertans.
  • Assess the appropriateness of amending or repealing Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Act.
  • Work with the Minister of Transportation and the Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security to design proposals for administrative penalties related to impaired driving.

I trust you are as thrilled as I am by the opportunity before us. Albertans have placed their trust and hopes in us and I am determined to exceed their expectations. You have an important role in making that happen.

Sincerely yours,

(original signed)

Alison M. Redford, QC