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Government Committees

These government committees review policy decisions, long-range strategic priorities, legislation and regulation.

Planning and Priorities Cabinet Committee

  • helps develop the strategic agenda for the government
  • coordinates and defines the long-range strategic priorities of government and reviews the overriding policy and agenda of government
  • reviews proposed policy, legislation, and regulations that relate to government's strategic priorities

Premier Jim Prentice, chair

Operations Cabinet Committee

  • implements the decisions of Cabinet
  • review issues that may affect government
  • provides approval for communications matters
  • acts as the principal reviewing body for consultation and implementation plans, including the release of reports

Stephen Mandel, chair

Treasury Board

  • formulates general management policies relating to the business and affairs of Crown and Provincial agencies
  • ensures that those policies are carried out

Robin Campbell, chair

Public Safety Cabinet Committee

  • ensures strong governance and continuous improvement of the public safety system in Alberta
  • coordinates and defines public safety strategic policies and priorities
  • advises on key strategic and time-sensitive public safety issues
  • oversees government management of Level Four events, which are the highest level of alerts and require an all-of-government response
  • ensures that Alberta's public safety addresses all aspects of public safety issues in the province
  • coordinates and defines the strategic policies and priorities of government concerning any residual issues from the 2013 flooding in Southern Alberta

Diana McQueen, chair

Legislative Review Cabinet Committee

  • conducts a final review of draft Government bills to ensure that the draft accurately reflects the policies approved by Cabinet, its committees, Caucus, or the Regional Caucus Committees.

Jonathan Denis, chair