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Government Committees

These government committees review policy decisions, long-range strategic priorities, legislation and regulation.

Agenda and Priorities Cabinet Committee

The Agenda and Priorities Committee helps develop the strategic agenda for the government:
» co-ordinates the long-range, high-level, strategic activities of government
» reviews all major policy decisions, major events, announcements and/or communications strategies.

Operations and Policy Cabinet Committee

Ops reviews policy, legislation and regulation not reviewed by Agenda Priorities to assess the quality of the proposed policy and process (e.g. has an appropriate consultation been conducted?). OPs may route items to a Ministerial Group or Regional Caucus Committee for discussion and recommendation. OPs may also recommend to Cabinet that the item be discussed by a Standing Legislature Policy Committee. Approved Cabinet policy may return to OPs for implementation discussions.

Treasury Board

Treasury Board is a legislated committee. Its role, as set out in the Financial Administration Act, is to:
» Formulate general management policies relating to the business and affairs of Crown and Provincial agencies, and
» Perform any acts it considers necessary to ensure that those policies are carried out.