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Executive Council

As head of Executive Council, the Premier chooses cabinet ministers from among elected members of the governing party.

Office of the Premier

The Office of the Premier, led by the Chief of Staff, provides strategic advice, media relations and issues management support to the Premier and manages correspondence and scheduling on the Premier's behalf.

Executive Council Office

The Executive Council Office provides support to the Premier and the members of Executive Council.

The Office, led by the Deputy Minister of Executive Council, comprises the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Policy Coordination, Protocol, the Public Affairs Bureau and the Regulatory Review Secretariat.

The functions of the Executive Council Office are to provide:

  • organization and co-ordination of the planning and policy meetings that take place within the decision-making process of the government; complete administration and record-keeping support to Cabinet, the Agenda and Priorities Committee and the Legislative Review Committee; and participation in the coordination of the Treasury Board fiscal and business planning process with departments and the Treasury Board.

  • leadership to the Alberta Public Service

  • support to the Alberta Order of Excellence Council and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor

  • support to the Premier and members of Executive Council for long-term strategic planning and policy coordination for government; promotion of cross-ministry coordination in the development and implementation of strategic priorities; and leadership and coordination for the policy excellence initiative to build policy capacity across government

  • programs for senior international visitors, provincial government ceremonial events, and protocol advice through the Protocol Office

  • government with two-way communication with Albertans, and communications support to Government of Alberta ministries through the Public Affairs Bureau

  • leadership in the implementation of regulatory reform for the Government of Alberta through the Regulatory Review Secretariat

  • support for governance of government departments and agencies through the Agency Governance Secretariat