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Public consultations

Help shape Alberta's future by participating in consultations.

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  • Essential Services Legislation

    Sept 16 - Oct 30

    Alberta is considering the introduction of essential services legislation for public sector collective bargaining dispute resolution. The legislation could provide the right to strike for many public sector employees, while also ensuring the health, safety and well-being of Albertans is protected in the event of a public sector work stoppage. Albertans are invited to share their comments online.

  • Enhancing the protection of the Castle area

    Sept 4 - Oct 5

    The government intends to enhance the protection of the Castle Special Management Area by designating it under the Parks' legislation. Albertans can share their comments on the plan to expand the Castle Wildland Provincial Park and create a new provincial park.

  • Mental Health Review

    Sept 1 - Oct 23

    Albertans can share their ideas on how to improve addiction and mental health services through an online questionnaire. Public feedback will help the committee identify immediate actions for improvement.

  • Let's Talk Royalties

    Aug 28 - Nov 30

    Alberta's royalty review advisory panel is connecting with Albertans as it reviews our non-renewable resource royalty framework. Feedback will help guide the panel, who will provide recommendations to the government by the end of the year.

  • Join the Climate Leadership Discussions

    Aug 14 - Sept 18

    Albertans are invited to go online or attend public sessions to share their thoughts on how the province can do its part to address the global issue of climate change.