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Alberta Budget

Government is taking action to reduce expenses and create a long-term sustainable fiscal plan.

Guided by 10 Fiscal Principles and a matching 10-year vision, Budget 2015 includes 5-year fiscal and capital plans showing Albertans the long-term approach government is taking.

Budget 2015 balances spending restraint with revenue enhancements, and will use contingency saving to address the province's fiscal challenge.

Download the Budget 2015 Fiscal Plan (PDF, 154 pages)

Download the 5-year Capital Plan (PDF, 10 pages)

Watch the Budget 2015 announcement

Vision for the future

Alberta's vision is to have stable and affordable public services by 2025, by saving responsibly and creating a legacy of advantage and opportunity for future generations.

10-year strategic plan (PDF 36 pages)

Responsible spending

Changes to government spending outlined in the budget will bring per capita spending closer to the national average. This will be done over the next 3 to 4 years while protecting core services and ensuring access for those in need.

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Tax and revenue changes

Alberta will create more long-term revenue stability by lessening our reliance on volatile oil prices. Budget 2015 proposes several tax measures. These changes will protect lower-income Albertans and maintain Alberta's standing as the lowest tax jurisdiction in Canada.

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