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2013 Disaster Recovery Programs

Disaster recovery programs (DRPs) provide financial assistance for uninsurable property damage, loss and other expenses.

How it works

Please note: funds are only available to the person who owned the property at the time the flood damage occurred.

Albertans who experienced flood damage in flood fringes can use DRP funds to install flood mitigation measures. Those who undertake approved measures are eligible to receive DRP funds for any future flood that exceeds the 1-in-100 year flood event criteria.

Funds available through the DRP will cover the costs of returning essential property to the functional condition it was in before the disaster happened. Learn how this applies to:

The Small Business Rebuilding Program provides support to small businesses with 21 to 50 full time employees.

Disaster Recovery Program — Appealing Your Assistance

Can I appeal my disaster financial assistance?

Yes, all eligibility and funding decisions can be appealed. To begin the appeal process, complete and submit an Application for Review (AFR) to the Managing Director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. An AFR is available online at under Assistance & Recovery Support. You can also obtain an AFR by calling 1-888-671-1111. Please be specific as to what aspect of your claim you are appealing (entire settlement, building repairs, interior or exterior contents, for example) and include as much new or supporting information as possible in order to help substantiate your request.

For questions or concerns at any time during the appeals process, please contact us at:

1-888-671-1111 or by email at

I received a letter that says Appeals received my Application for Review. What happens next?

  • An Appeals Officer will be assigned to your file. They will contact you by telephone to discuss your AFR.
  • The Appeals Officer will review the assistance provided to ensure it was made in accordance to the Alberta Disaster Assistance Guidelines.
  • After the Appeals Officer has completed the review they will provide a recommendation to the Managing Director on how to resolve your AFR.
  • Once the Managing Director makes a final decision, you will receive a decision letter that explains the results of your AFR.

How long will it take to have my Application for Review assigned to an Apeals Officer?

Appeals are assigned on a first-filed basis. Based on current inventory, we estimate it will take approximately 6 months from the time you submit until your AFR is completed. The complexity of issues in your AFR, lack of supporting documentation, and / or a high volume of applications may result in longer wait times.

If I do not agree with the Managing Director's decision, what can I do?

You may appeal the Managing Director's decision to the Minister of Municipal Affairs within 180 days of receiving the decision letter. You must submit a copy of your decision letter and a summary of facts and reasons for your appeal to the following address:

Minister of Municipal Affairs
14515 — 122 Avenue NW
Edmonton Alberta T5L 2W4

The Minister may ask the Municipal Government Board to review and provide recommendations related to your appeal. A recommendation may confirm the Managing Director's decision, or recommend providing additional assistance. The Minister's decision is final.

Further details about the appeal process can be found online at

News and updates

DRP Applicants

The Disaster Recovery Program has been updated based on feedback from those affected by the June 2013 floods.

Four key changes that may affect DRP clients:

  1. Older or vintage homes
    • DRP may reassess eligibility for older homes or homes with pre-existing structural issues
    • These homes may be re-assessed if pre-existing structural issues were undetectable and therefore exposed by the effects of the floods
  2. Increased funding for clients with insurance caps
    • DRP is changing funding calculations for applicants who received a partial payment from their insurer, in most cases due to damage caused by sewer back-up
    • This new policy may increase the amount of funding available for eligible applicants
  3. Overland flood insurance
    • Small businesses and non-profit organizations previously deemed ineligible by DRP can contact the program to discuss reassessment
    • Insurance deductibles are now DRP eligible for small businesses and non-profit organizations
  4. Ongoing review and follow up
    • All files are being reviewed for additional funding entitlement
    • Any discrepancies identified by residents will be reviewed by DRP staff
    • If further review is requested, applications for appeal are available online and at local DRP offices

Applicants can contact DRP staff directly at 1-888-671-1111 or

High River DRP Office

Open 10 am - 4:30 pm Weekdays | 124 - 4 Avenue SW
Applicants can also schedule appointments outside of the above hours, if necessary
NOTE: The Calgary and High River DRP Offices will be closed July 31 and August 1.

Calgary DRP Office

Open 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Weekdays | Willowglen Business Park 803 Manning Road. N.E.

NOTE: access to the Calgary office is only available from Centre Avenue, there is no access from 8th avenue to Manning Road.
NOTE: The Calgary and High River DRP Offices will be closed July 31 and August 1.

Updated: July 21, 2014